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Rajasthan is a glorious land of surprises; it is also a land of desert, colourful people and of splendid beauty in the natural world. It is a home of warriors that can fascinate even the most seasoned traveler. It is a magnificent land of historic monuments including grand palaces, eminent forts and temples, an epitome of its royalty. Rajasthan is bisected by the Aravalli hills, dividing it into distinct landscapes, each bearing eloquent testimony of its rich culture with profound architecture, exemplary bravery and debonair lifestyles of Rajputs. Those looking for the taste of its majestic lifestyle just need to enter in any of the several palace hotels or heritage hotels that cordially treat all the tourists like royal guests.

We have specifically designed and offer the Rajasthan and North India themes to satiate the appetite for those avid travelers whose aim is to experience the very best of Indian Luxury Heritage. Not content with the mundane or second best, you actively seek out the best, yet contemporary in accommodation and want personalized service in every aspect of your travel experience. Our guided tours are based on extensive ground research refined through feedback from thousands of satisfied clients. At Compass India Inc, we emphasize on quality which in non-negotiable and nothing but pampered luxury- that’s our brand promise!

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